• Image of Distal - Psychomagic CD

The release starts off with 'Psychomagic In An Adobe Home'. With its funk percussion, thick spread of pads that rise and fall with the mood of the track it feels like a quasi ode to early 2562. The second track 'Icy 92' is a fat, bouncy, 808 track layered with thin whistles, vocal cuts and a heavy sub. It sounds like a slowed down Juke track or something from the late 90's Chicago hard house scene. 'Bullets Through Water' touches back a little on the funk and pads of the first track but speeds things up quite a bit and brings some much needed emotion to the middle of the release while still maintaining itself a gritty juke track. 'Red Pill Jam' sounds like a throwback 90's techno rarity, but with some modern touches and emotive piano notes. Imagine 2009's Untold and 1993's Joey Beltram worked on a track together after seeing Akira. And lastly 'Above Nimbus' seeks to touch on emotional rap music a la Yung Lean while at the same time bringing in an influence of hardcore rave samples to give it old school cred. There's a lot of beautiful bravado in the breakdown of this track and it's a perfect ending for a chaotically beautiful release.

'Psychomagic' is guaranteed to delivers on every emotion and style.