• Image of Dj Vague - Restoring Nature 12" (limited 200)

Drones created by Government Engineers, financed by the elite, built to keep the people in line ultimately rebel against their makers. A battle raged for decades until the drones decided to strike a deal with their once great overlords. The deal would allow the drones to continue to help with the enslavement of the lower rankings of mankind. In return, once the last of the elite left the planet to their new home, the Drones would begin to terraform the planet back to its original form of chaotic nature, ridding the planet of humans, technology and AI of any kind. Thus, Restoring Nature.

There is another deal happening... one kept hidden and in silence that will forever change the history of the ANARCHOSTAR.

1. Dj Vague - Freakout
2. Dj Vague - Duty
3. Dj Vague - '2'
4. Dj Vague - Freakout (Leonce Remix)