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Beautiful Hand Crafted Compact Disc

Distal returns with a bold new mesh of tumbling Techno, Grime, Leftield and electronica on his sophomore album and first for his concept/label Anarchostar. Following his 2012 debut LP for Tectonic, the Atlantan producer's 'Retrograde Space Opera' shapes a vivid sonic fiction about.. "a dying planet… encapsulated by those who killed it. Filled with wandering souls and ancient technology, a way out emerges. A utopian star… an escape… The ANARCHOSTAR'The results are wildly diverse, sweeping from glossy new age ambient signifiers to the manic roil of his 'Ridge City' killer, to the tribal bruk of 'Ascending & Solus' and the faulty air-lock pressure of 'Approaching the Wormhole', with a whole lotta breakbeat and radge grime chicanery in between linked by recurring vocaloid themes and the most dramatic, angular synth arrangements.